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Weingartia (& Sulcos)
Wants list

It is important that the National Collection maintains the largest genetic diversity of plants. We are very keen to obtain the following species or varieties:

(As always, the Aylostera may be listed as Rebutia, or Mediolobivia; and the Weingartia as Sulcorebutia)

Aylostera amblypetala (also known as rosalbiflora var. amblypetala, and haagei var. amblypetala)
Aylostera brunescens
Aylostera brighignae (also known as euanthema var. neumannii)
Aylostera camargoensis
Aylostera canacruzensis
Aylostera froehlichiana
Aylostera gonjianii
Aylostera leucacantha
Aylostera oculata ssp. tilcarensis
Aylostera nitida
Aylostera patericalyx
Aylostera pauciareolata
Aylostera pelzliana
Aylostera raffaellii (also known as haagei var. spectabilis)
Aylostera rubiginosa (also known as spinosissima var. rubiginosa)
Aylostera tuberculata
Aylostera vioaceostaminata
Aylostera vulpina
Aylostera waltheriana
Aylostera yuquinensis (also known as atrovirens var. yuquinensis, haefneriana var. viridis)

Rebutia frankii N.N.

Weingartia cintiensis
Weingartia fidaiana amerhauseri
Weingartia heinzii
Weingartia inflexiseta
Weingartia juckeri
Weingartia neocummingii ssp. pulquinensis var. augustinii
Weingartia neocummingii ssp. pulquinensis var. lagarpampensis
Weingartia roberto-vasquezii
Weingartia tominense N.N.

If you have any of these for sale or exchange please let us know via the Contact Form.